Tané Care was created by Jasmine T. Small, a certified esthetician who's mission is to help everyone look and feel their sexy best.

When a friend came to her with bald patches and scalp irritation saying nothing on the market was helping, she instantly recognized it as scalp psoriasis and went to work finding a natural solution.

Using only powerful natural ingredients, Jasmine formulated the first Tané Care product - Tané Scalp Care Treatment.

In just 2 short weeks the results were impressive. Jasmine's friend's scalp was no longer itchy, his hair was full and healthy, and he no longer felt embarrassed about his bald spots. He was now able to style his hair as desired, and finally got the confidence he'd been lacking. He was thrilled with the results and continues to use Tané Scalp Care Treatment to maintain the health of his scalp and hairThis is where Jasmine found her mantra: “Scalp is skin, not hair; if you love on your scalp, your hair will grow!”.