Why did I create Scalp Care Treatment?

A friend experienced bald spots on his scalp and some skin irritations, he said he tried everything on the market, but nothing seemed to help. Being a Certified Esthetician, I was intrigued by his dilemma. To me, it looked like psoriasis of the scalp, so I went to work to find a solution.
I focused on natural ways to cure scalp fungus and discovered various options, combining some of the most powerful ingredients to create a superfood.
After countless hours of R&D, I created Scalp Superfood. I instructed my friend to wash his hair every day and use the oil twice a day, magically after 2 weeks he had a full head of hair and no more breakouts!
Then I had a similar problem, after a large amount of my hair fell out from over processing with color and a keratin treatment, I did the “BIG CHOP” and I used my Scalp Superfood with the same positive results. Voila’ a business was born! My goal is to share my Scalp Care Treatment magic formula and help everyone heal from scalp and skin issues, so they can look and feel their best.
-Jasmine Small

My Before Scalp Care Treatment Results

22 months ago I did the Big Chop...these pics are after a trim. I always start with a clean scalp by washing & conditioning my hair then nurture my scalp with Scalp Superfood before any hair care products are applied. Scalp is SKIN not hair! Scalp needs different love than your hair. Just like the skin on your face needs different love than the skin on your body. Most hair care products will clog the hair follicle so I use Scalp Superfood as a protective barrier to keep my follicles clean and healthy. To promote healthy blood flow to the hair follicle I massage my scalp every night before bed and re-apply Scalp Superfood every two days between washes. The few extra minutes a day loving on my scalp has made such a huge difference! Take it from me, if you love on your scalp your hair will grow!
Before and After picture of Jasmine using the scalp treatments